Where to vacation in the UAE and why?

The United Arab Emirates each year takes a larger and larger number of tourists, most of them from Russia. Where do our tourists fly? The most popular emirate for a holiday is Dubai. Its popularity won its popularity not for nothing. It is here that all the infrastructure, crazy skyscrapers and expensive hotels are concentrated. You can stay in the city of Dubai, as well as on the coast of Jumeirah. It all depends on the thickness of the wallet. City hotels are poor in territory, their pools are on the roof, the lack of balconies and of course the remoteness from the beach. Therefore, saving on accommodation, will have to take a bus to the public beach. And imagine what it’s like to be in a concrete city in the 40-degree heat. Obviously hard. Salvation are air conditioners, they are even at the bus stops, which is undoubtedly a plus.

On the coast of Jumeirah to rest by an order of magnitude better. It is here that the famous Burj Al Arab hotel and sailboat, where the excursion alone costs $100. It is here that the famous Burj Al Arab hotel is located, where the excursion alone costs 100 dollars.

Dubai Jumeirah – a place exclusively for the rich public. It’s a great vacation for all categories of tourists, excellent beaches, pure white sand, the average cost of a package for two adults for a week starts at 70,000 rubles on the basis of breakfast or half board.

A typical hotel on the coast of Jumeirah.

By the way in terms of entertainment, it is Dubai where most of the tourists, vacationing in other emirates, rushes. There are large shopping centers, where you can make a good shopping, and there are bars and discos, where they sell free alcohol. So, if you want to relax as comfortably as possible and do not deny yourself anything – Welcome to the emirate of Dubai.

The second popular emirate, where tourists tend to go – Sharjah. It has a good tourist infrastructure, hotels standing on the first and second coastline. The price of a tourist trip here for two tourists for a week starts at 50,000 rubles. The only nuance of the resort – “dry law”. Drinking alcohol is only possible in your room, also in Sharjah there are no entertainment facilities, so if you are not confused, then you can stay here and go to Dubai by cab. The trip will take about 15 minutes, excluding traffic jams.

This emirate is more suitable for couples with children and older people, young people will be very bored here, as the city dies out at night. Hotels do not offer any animation programs to their guests, as in Turkey. The maximum that can be a live music, playing the piano.

The third place is occupied by the emirate of Ajman. It is somewhat distant from Dubai, it is possible to get by cab, but it will take 25 minutes. There is a small number of hotels. There are economical hotels: Adjman Beach 3*, and there are expensive options Ajman Kempinski 5*, but if you compare with 5* hotels on Jumeirah, this option will be more economical. Ajman is very quiet and peaceful. The tourist infrastructure is there, but not active. By the way, it is here that there is a large liquor store, where our tourists often come.

Next are the most unpopular emirates: Fujairah, Ras Al Khaim, Korfakan. They are removed from life, to get to the city-tale Dubai long, the trip can take at least an hour. Therefore, the rest here is purely domestic, without going anywhere. But the price is the most attractive. A trip for a week for two can cost up to 40,000 rubles. That by the standards of the UAE is very reasonably priced. But rest here is only for those who need peace and quiet, otherwise after a couple of days you can get bored.

Corfakan Emirate – Hotel Oceanic 4 *.

And the last emirate where tourists go is Abu Dhabi. But the Russian market this place is not much advertised, and in vain. There are a lot of good hotels for recreation, both with and without children. For example: Jazira Resort Hotel 5*, Al Khalidia 4* and Al Diar Gulf Hotel 4*. All these hotels are located on the beachfront and have excellent facilities for tourists. The only question is the price. Holidays in Abu Dhabi is also far from being economical and can easily be compared with Dubai. However, if you do not have the opportunity to stay here, it is worth at least take a tour and see this emirate, it is also rich and luxurious.

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