UAE Weather in October

Weather in the UAE by month

The month marks the beginning of a full-fledged tourist season in the United Arab Emirates. At this time, it is comfortable and lovers of rest on the beach and wishing to perform a full excursion program. Weather is somewhat different on the coast of the Persian and Gulf of Oman. So on the west coast of the country is still very hot. The air temperature during the daytime reaches +35 degrees and at night it drops to +25 … +27. The weather in October is typical for the resort towns of Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaim. The sea in the Persian Gulf remains warm as usual, with a temperature of +27 degrees Celsius. In Fujairah at this time of year is a little cooler. The daytime temperature is +33 degrees and at night it’s up to +24 … +25. The water in the Gulf of Oman has cooled down more than in the Persian Gulf, however, it is quite suitable for swimming – about +24. If you are expecting rain in October, there is very little chance of it happening, although the humidity reaches 60% and thick fogs are likely over the sea in the morning hours.

If your vacation falls in mid-autumn, feel free to go to the UAE. When the countrymen will be wrapped up in warm jackets and coats, your uniform will be shorts and flip-flops. And instead of a warm hat your head will be covered with a light panama. October in the Emirates is an opportunity to extend the warm and gentle summer for a few more weeks of vacation. Unless a tracksuit or a light windbreaker might come in handy in the evening.

If you are an experienced traveler, not the first time you visit the UAE and have already managed to explore the beauty and wonders of Dubai, we recommend you to pay attention to the less known cities of the country. For example, Korfakan is a suburb of Sharjah, a small provincial town, which can be most attractive for diving enthusiasts. The sea around is full of unique underwater beauty. The proximity of the Gulf of Oman to the waters of the Indian Ocean leads to a wide variety of marine life. Here you will certainly meet dolphins, almost certainly – a couple of sharks, and if you are very lucky, your scuba diving companions will even be whales. For family members who are not so keen on scuba diving, the picturesque coast with luxurious sandy beaches of Corfacan is at their disposal.

The smallest emirate of the country – Umm Al-Queen, occupies 1% of the state. It attracts tourists with its distinctive oriental flavor and leisurely pace of life. The basis of its economy is fishing and agriculture. Going deep into the coast, you get to a huge date garden, and you can also visit the largest poultry farm in the country. It is also home to a major seaport. Not too active human influence on the environment allowed to preserve pristine attractive landscapes and delightful clean sandy beaches. If you want to stay here for a long time – check the hotel conditions, because away from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the class of hotels decreases significantly.

Al Ain is one of the few UAE resorts away from the sea coast. It is an oasis in the foothills of Jebel Hafit. It is interesting for tourists with its well-preserved historical heritage. There are a large number of old towers and forts scattered around the city. In Jahili Fort traditionally held concerts of chamber and classical music, here is the state museum of archeology and history. The city is open to the public the largest zoo in the Middle East, which is home to animals from three continents – Asia, Africa and Australia.

After taking tours, in October they can be varied by participating in a safari in the desert. Riding quad bikes on the sand dunes in the setting sun is the first part of an exciting adventure, followed by kebab, hookah and a beautiful Arabian dancer.

Autumn in the UAE will be remembered for many years to come and will beckon to you again and again.

Where to vacation in the UAE in October?

This table will help you to determine which UAE resorts are the warmest in October, to find out where it rains less and has more clear days. Do you want to know where the warmest sea is? We also provide information on water temperatures at seaside resorts.

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