Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club reviews.

  1. I really enjoyed relaxing here! I have never seen a larger resort as if it were 5 different resorts in one. We came as a family to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. It was magical. Everything is at the highest level, and most importantly, my princess felt like the heroine of Disney cartoons! Delight knew no bounds: balls, a large room, a sea of emotions, wonderful animation. In general, everything was decorated in the best way. I especially want to note the work of the staff. Attentive. Everyone has an individual approach. Very tasty food, everyone is friendly and welcoming. What the Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club is famous for is its excellent staff. I will definitely come back!

  2. Rested in a VIP hotel with two children. I liked everything very much. A separate “Thank you” to the administrator. Everything stated in the room was. Cleaning is regular. Cool idea in the evening to take out tables, chairs, and lamps to the sea. With pleasure, we spent every evening there. We rested our soul and body. The infrastructure is good; everything is at hand. I would like to note that even the beach is divided into two zones: smoking guests and those who look after their health. The hotel fully deserves its stars. Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club in Dubai is really worth visiting.

  3. Friendly and unobtrusive staff, a closed hotel area, table tennis, a sports corner with exercise equipment on a summer ground under a wide canopy, fountains, parking, a well-developed infrastructure nearby – everything contributed to a comfortable and relaxing stay. And what is important – the room description is true! The ideal environment gives you the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in an unreal atmosphere of comfort). Pools, beach, spas, VIP service. You feel like a star. Everything points to the highest level.

  4. We flew here on the recommendation of my husband’s business partners. There was no doubt that the hotel is fully consistent with its stardom. The territory is huge. We took romantic walks every evening. At nightfall, the lights were turned on in the hotel, and it turned into a palace—food: top-notch. The variety of dishes is very great. King prawns, lobsters, redfish, a lot of seafood, which, of course, pleased. All kinds of salads … You can count for a long time. The beach is clean! Big beach, water, no fuss, because, again, the hotel territory is huge. Animators are active young guys. They pay a lot of attention to sports – exercise in the morning, stretching, yoga. They do not bypass a single guest but involve his inactivity. Rooms are clean and spacious. Loved the style of Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club in Dubai!

  5. Personal review…
    Frankly, over 13 years of travel, I have become very prejudiced towards everything))) Since I adore Dubai and have been to this resort many times and lived in many hotels, this time my choice fell on the Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club. The hotel has sunk into my soul.
    So, in order: Entering the lobby of the hotel, I was captivated by the delicate smell of flowers and the sea breeze. Very stylish. The staff was greeted as friends. Very competent and professional people staff the reception.
    Territory: Beautiful, green, well-groomed, and unrealistically clean.
    This Arabian oasis provides a huge collection of luxury experiences, such as dining, horse racing, camel racing, tennis, golf, sailing.
    Rooftop pools, spa, boutiques, cafes, kids club, and more.
    Number: Big, beautiful, and comfortable. Going into the room, everything glittered. Later I realized why … Every day there was a general cleaning. We dusted, polished the plumbing to a shine, and washed the baseboards! I was very pleased with the cleanliness.
    Restaurants, lounge areas, luxury suites, even royal villas. There is everything your heart desires. Everything for a sense of comfort.

  6. We wanted to visit the best hotel. And we found it!
    I went to a bachelorette party with friends, and it paid off. As expected, the hotel was fully booked, but we were not overlooked. Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club is famous for its reverent attitude towards its guests, and there is something to love about them. Excellent staff! Impressed by the terrace overlooking the sea. The rooms were cleaned every day. Any of our whims were fulfilled, here you can truly feel like the ruler of the world.

  7. I do not like to write reviews, as it takes a long time. But I cannot remain silent. Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club personifies wealth and luxury. Great staff, gastronomic orgasm at every meal, variety of drinks; everything does its job. It is a pity that the rest lasted only a few weeks. I will definitely come back here and will recommend Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club to my friends and business colleagues!

  8. We had a wonderful time. All liked it! Cleanliness and tidiness. I advise everyone to relax at the Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club. This is truly a heavenly delight. Lots of good moods. Thank you very much for the warm welcome.

  9. We have been resting in hotels of this level, not for the first time. Stayed in different but most enjoyable was a network of hotels Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club. I liked everything – starting with food, accommodation, service, the location of the hotel, and other moments. I really want to come more than once and get good emotions.

  10. A huge cozy villa, everything is like home, decent food in restaurants, great beaches, and a location in the heart of Dubai.

  11. I liked the comfort, staff, and rest of everything. At the reception met friendly staff, led to the room receptionist. Rooms are cleaned daily, no comments!!! Best wishes to the management and prosperity to the hotel.

  12. The hotel has something to entertain itself: go to the pool, work out in the gym, sit on the terrace overlooking the sea, stroll along the sea, which is a couple of minutes from the hotel. Breakfasts and dinners are not only delicious but also beautifully served. The room was clean and warm. Special thanks to the staff want to say. Our whims were fulfilled on demand. Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club is truly a place where you feel like a VIP.

  13. Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club is the epitome of luxury living. The hotel location is great. Contemporary decor, rooftop pool, spa, boutiques, cafes, kids club, and much more to draw attention. I want to visit and try everything. The breakfasts are very varied. There is always good coffee with milk; there is a separate table with fruit and sweets / small cakes—summer outdoor playground. The room was nice, had a refrigerator, desk, chair, large wardrobe, and bed, safe. The mattress and pillows are comfortable. The bathroom has a variety of products, towels, bathrobes. Cleaning takes place every day; after about 11, towels are always changed. We will definitely come back here!

  14. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is a VIP Membership Club with exclusive world-class vacation services. And it’s true! With luxurious service, an amazing variety of cuisine and drinks, the meal turns into a gastronomic orgasm. The level of the hotel justifies itself. And most importantly, a stupefying view is always pleasing to the eye.

  15. We were in this hotel for the first time together with my wife, and we were pleasantly amazed! Well-trained staff, everything is new, pure, sparkling. Cool furniture in the rooms, gorgeous sea views. I heard the sound of the surf! It’s amazing, isn’t it? The place is excellent, beautiful, wonderful landscape; everything is thought out, stylish, and tasteful – just perfect. Great programs for children and even teenagers, there are cool playgrounds, the possibility of visiting spas and high-level doctors. Very good breakfast, have everything and every day almost something new. The hotel provides first-class services – from the reception, cleaning, food, entertainment, and ending with a lifeguard in the pool. The Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club is my favorite!

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