Khalaf Al Habtoor – the man who built the United Arab Emirates

Khalaf Al Habtoor is a fabulously wealthy and respected businessman whose fortune is growing in proportion to his country’s development. Today, the nugget from the Arab Emirates has about 2.5 billion dollars in his wallet. Khalaf is on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest men and stands at the head of the largest family conglomerate in the Middle East. Moreover, the Al Habtoor family’s influence extends not only to his native Emirates but to the entire globe. The Khalaf Al Habtoor work and fortune are inseparably connected with success of his country.

Al Habtoor Group – an Eastern giant with global influence

Khalaf’s career started as a family businessman selling pearls. At 15, he landed a job with a construction company in Abu Dhabi. No sooner had the young worker celebrated his graduation than he was already in charge! He was thought to be the youngest-ever head of a construction company in the UAE. But that was only the beginning.

In 1970 Khalaf founded his engineering firm, Al Habtoor Engineering, which morphed into the Al Habtoor Group, the billionaire’s “brainchild”. From his first days at the company’s helm, the businessman has focused on the construction and development of the Arab Emirates. For Khalaf, the growth and prosperity of his native country became his life’s work.

Al Habtoor Group has completed hundreds of major construction projects in the East over the 50 years of its existence. Today the company’s activities include not only construction but also other areas: real estate, insurance, education, media publishing. Also, Khalaf has obtained exclusive rights to sell luxury cars in the UAE: Mitsubishi, Bentley, Aston Martin, and Bugatti. But Khalaf Al Habto spends his fortune also for charity more than generously.

Al Habtoor Group’s activities are constantly expanding and touching the interests of different countries. Khalaf is personally acquainted with almost all significant politicians and heads of state.

Al Habtoor opens the Emirates to tourists from all over the world. 

At the age of 27, the young builder won the tender to set up a medical center in Dubai. Thanks to his talent and business acumen, he completed the project ahead of schedule. Struck by his excellent work, the UAE ruler presented Khalaf with a luxurious plot of land in the suburbs (currently the most prestigious capital area). It was here that the businessman built Dubai’s first luxury hotel.

In 2019, Khalaf Al Habtoor signed a deal with renowned entrepreneur Markus Wischenbart – head of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. It was an important day for the tourism industry. Al Habtoor Group has made 14 premium hotels in the heart of Dubai available to LHVC, opening its doors to thousands of new tourists. Today, the LHVC club has more than 50,000 members. VIP holidaymakers fly in from all over the world to enjoy the luxury of the East.

Al Habtoor forecast for 2021: UAE a haven

The Arab Emirates is recovering from the COVID-19 strikes much faster than other countries. Al Habtoor said the beginning of the year showed surprisingly positive results. The real estate sector is booming, and foreign investors are investing millions in UAE goods and services.

More than 120,000 doses of vaccine are administered daily in the country. All visitors to the UAE undergo stringent controls without compromising their comfort. According to the renowned travel company Kuoni, the UAE is the most popular holiday destination in 2021.

Charity and community work

Khalaf has a strong focus on education in the UAE. As early as 1975, he built Al Ittihad School, and in 1991 he established Al Imarat Al Dawliya, one of the most elite schools in the country. The Al Habtoor family supports science and sports promotion and regularly gives grants to researchers and scientists.

The Khalaf Ahmad al Habtoor foundation was established in 2013. It aims to improve the lives of those in need, not only in the United Arab Emirates but also abroad. Al Habtoor Group allocates 20% of its shares to the Foundation each year. The organization works closely with the UAE Red Crescent Society.

There is no doubt that Khalaf Al Habtoor is a significant figure who will leave his mark on our history. The billionaire’s legacy is the luxury and prosperity of the United Arab Emirates, which sets an example to the world.

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