In what emirate is better to rest

The UAE – this is one of the most unique and versatile tourist destinations, so many travelers are concerned about the answer to the question of which emirate to rest in.

The country can safely boast that each of its resorts have their own distinctive features that can not be found anywhere else. This unique color and wonderful atmosphere, or, for example, well-developed infrastructure. Of course, each tourist will find their own reason for visiting the UAE, and to implement his plans, he should be wise to choose the most suitable place for the rest.

The best emirate for a holiday

Abu Dhabi is the luxurious capital of the UAE, which is often called the “Eastern Manhattan”. Most of the travelers who choose this emirate for a vacation are businessmen. Only here they can get a high-class service and appropriate environment, fully meeting their requirements.

So if you are a businessman, you will not find a better place for a decent holiday in the Emirates. Here modern skyscrapers are combined with the most beautiful objects of amenities, and trendy boutiques offer products of the most famous brands.

Many experienced travelers, if you ask them a question “what emirate is better to rest in the UAE” without hesitating for a minute, answer – Dubai. We can say that this emirate is universal. Everyone can find something to their liking: to do shopping, visit tours, devote his time to rest on the beach. Here, active city holidays are perfectly combined with peaceful strolls through green parks and breathtaking journeys through the desert.

If we divide the remaining resorts of the UAE on the principle of “the most”, we can get the following results:

  • Thrifty tourists are best off in the emirate of Sharjah – it’s the cheapest, but also the strictest area
  • Those who like to have a drink or two should choose Adjaman, the “drunkest” and smallest resort.
  • Umm Al Kuwait and Ras Al Khaimah are the poorest emirates in terms of sights, but the first of them is a “fishing paradise”, and the latter can offer top-class spa treatments
  • Fujairah can safely be called the most picturesque place in the Emirates, where diving is best developed

In the UAE with children vacationing in Sharjahwhere the dry law immediately becomes an advantage. Also the little travelers can feel quite comfortable in such quiet and sparsely populated emirates, as Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah. In winter, it is better to relax on the eastern coast of the Emirates, because there the water temperature at this time is on average two degrees higher.

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