How much does a vacation in the UAE cost?

The UAE is a state where the atmosphere of the oriental fairy tale is combined with the advanced achievements of progress. The country, consisting of seven Emirates, for 30 years has achieved high results in its development, striking people around the world. Here the beach holiday can be perfectly combined with sightseeing, and tourists are always ensured an interesting pastime. If you are wondering what season to go on vacation and how much is the tour to the Emirates, the experts of the company “Come with us” talk in detail about these and other issues on visiting resorts of the country.

When is the best time to go?

In the UAE, the beach season lasts all year round. During the summer months, the temperature rises to +50 ° C, which is not very comfortable for tourists, who came even for 7 days.

The time from late February to May and from September to December in the Emirates is considered the high season. In autumn the temperature gradually decreases and becomes quite suitable not only for beach holidays, but also for city walks – during the day it ranges from +28 ° C to +32 ° C. And the nicer the weather, the higher the price for a tour.

Prices tours to the Emirates

Time of year, the distance from the hotel from the sea, the chosen type of food and number of days of stay are factors that affect how much a trip to the UAE costs. In the Emirates, the recreation is common in urban hotels, because the cost of living in resorts on the coast is quite high. Hotels, located away from the coast, often have their own swimming pools on the roofs. Vacationers in such complexes have to use the municipal beaches, which are maintained in excellent condition. Getting to them is simple – free bus from the hotel, subway or cab. It is important that once a week the beach can only be visited by women and children.

If you are interested in how much it costs to vacation in the UAE for two in the fall, the price will largely depend on the chosen month. Experts will prompt what proposals have tour operators and recommend options according to your wishes.

  • September

If you’re comfortable at +35 ° C – travel from the end of August. For a one-week trip for two people without meals at the hotel 3★ can spend from 800 USD – as much as a holiday in the UAE in September. The price already includes a flight from any international air hub in Kazakhstan and a group airport-hotel-airport transfer. The type of hotel in this case will be predominantly urban, but you can find options and closer to the beach. The cost of a similar tour for 10 days is 950 USD and more.

  • October

In mid-autumn, the weather becomes more comfortable, and the sea is still perfectly warm, respectively, the demand for tours increases. And if you plan to go to Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah or Abu Dhabi, then you probably wonder how much a vacation to the UAE in October for two people costs. During this period, you will need to pay from 890 USD for a one-week trip to a 3-4★ hotel. The lack of food in the hotel can even be considered a plus, as vacationers have the opportunity to visit a variety of restaurants, of which there are many at the resorts! A ten day trip will cost about 970 USD.

  • November

When asked how much does a vacation in the UAE in November, our managers respond that a week’s stay will cost at least 1000 USD. And for a 10-day vacation for two with minimum parameters in a 3★ hotel will cost from 1100 USD.

Entertainment & Leisure

Whenever you go to the UAE, you will always find activities that will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding travelers. In the Emirates you can:

  • Take a high-speed elevator to a height of 555 m in the Burj Khalifa Tower;
  • Visit Wild Wadi – a fabulous water town with rides and mazes;
  • go to Dubai Mall, where the machines sell gold bars, the largest aquarium and the children’s city of professions Kidzania;
  • go for a ride on an extreme roller coaster in the Ferrari Park and find dozens of other things to do!

Which Emirate to choose for a holiday for a week or more, depends only on your preferences.

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