Holidays in the UAE for New Year and Christmas

Perhaps there is no better place in the world to celebrate the New Year than the UAE. After all, in winter the temperature here does not drop below +15, and New Year’s Eve shows are staged such that they are remembered for a lifetime. We turned to the travel agency Good Rest for advice on how to choose a tour to the UAE for the New Year and what to pay attention to.

How they celebrate the New Year in the UAE

The UAE is a Muslim country, so they celebrate the New Year in a different calendar, so it is not a typical holiday for them. But there are a lot of foreigners working and living in the UAE now, as well as a huge flow of tourists coming from all over the world, so there is still a New Year with traditional fireworks and celebration from December 31 to January 1. And not just any fireworks, their New Year’s Eve fireworks are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, so it’s indescribably beautiful and very large-scale. Usually fireworks are set off all over the city at the tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah and the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel. So you can always choose to go to any of these locations and watch the fireworks in the city and on the beach.

In addition to fireworks, there are laser shows with musical accompaniment and much, much more. They offer to celebrate New Year in the restaurants at the hotel for an extra fee, where they arrange a special show program. And also organize excursions on a boat with dinner. Also, you should understand that in a Muslim country is very strict to alcohol. You should not drink it on the street and walk in a drunken state on the streets, because you can get a serious fine or even spend the night in jail. So be extremely careful with alcohol. For lovers of Arab culture offer a night in the desert by the fire with the friendly Bedouin and the silence of the desert.

Weather in the UAE for the New Year

In the UAE at this time the temperature does not drop below +15 even at night, and during the day can be above +20, so that New Year celebrations can always be combined with a beach holiday, although the water temperature can be +18-19 degrees.

The cost of tours in the UAE for New Year

Prolong with the trip to New Year’s Eve not only with Egypt, but also with the UAE, as on the 30th day it will be just difficult to find at least one trip. So do not count on hot deals – it’s unlikely. Better to think about booking tickets for the New Year in advance, as early booking will get you good prices and quality hotels in the UAE at The cost of tours will vary depending on the quality of the hotel, the emirate that you choose. For example, the most affordable tours will be in Sharjah, and the most expensive in Abu Dhabi. If your plans are to spend as much time as possible in a non-hotel, then you can safely save and book something budget. Such hotels usually cost in the area of 400-500 dollars per person, the higher the quality of the hotel, the higher its cost.

Professionals of Good Holidays recommend taking hotels near the center to be able to walk and quickly return to the hotel, and do not choose Sharjah, as to get to Dubai and back would be problematic. If you want to spend time on the beach, you can combine tours to Sharjah with a celebration of New Year’s Eve in Dubai.

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