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Want to spend a vacation in the UAE and looking for reliable organizers of leisure? Bought a last minute tour to Dubai and want to spend the money saved on a vacation? Do you like fishing and want to fish in the waters of the Persian Gulf? Planning an original wedding, anniversary or other event? Just want a holiday in the UAE with children to bring maximum pleasure to each member of the family?

Company Emirates Fishing Tour can help with any of these tasks. We are not the first year in the organization of holidays in the UAE. Employees have studied in detail the interests and needs of guests from different countries. This is especially true for tourists from Russia and CIS countries which are the majority of our clients. For them we offer the best conditions for a vacation in Dubai. Read on in this review and find out about the opportunities Emirates Fishing Tour offers our guests.

5 reasons to spend a holiday in the UAE

The Arab Emirates and, in particular, Dubai is recognized as one of the most popular resorts on the planet. This status is due to various reasons. However, here we will highlight only those that play an important role for most Russian-speaking holidaymakers. So, why guests from Russia and the CIS countries choose to vacation in the Arab Emirates:

  1. Prices. Yes, yes, you’re not wrong. The opinion that the rest in Dubai is very expensive is a delusion. Everything is measured in comparison, and if we compare such indicators as the cost of tickets, hotel rooms, food, drinks, transfers and tours, the UAE in these indicators will be a more economical place to stay than, for example, France, Austria and even the Czech Republic! The only thing in Dubai that really costs a lot is entertainment. And the expensive category here are only water parks, which can be replaced by a pleasant beach holiday.
  2. Attractions. The legendary Burj Khalifa; Legoland, MotionGate, Bolywood, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Ferrari World; La Perle by Dragone; the picturesque Dubai Marina are just some of the places which are definitely worth visiting in the UAE. Excursions that our company offers, covering all the best attractions of the country. Our company will help you organize the sightseeing part of the trip in Dubai according to your needs and possibilities.
  3. Shopping. According to data for 2019, Dubai ranked second in the world after London in this criterion. And many marketers believe that in 2020, the city will surpass the capital of Great Britain in this indicator. Shopping in Dubai is about cheap clothes (including fur coats), shoes, smartphones, tablets, accessories and other things. Many Europeans come here just for shopping, and the low prices are due to the minimum VAT rate and the absence of sales tax. By the way, shopping is one of the reasons for the misconception that holidays in Dubai are very expensive. Yes, here they can spend thousands of dollars on shopping, but it is only the personal initiative of tourists, and they buy precisely in order to save money!
  4. Beaches. In what impeccable local beaches, you can see, looking at photos and videos. It combines a unique natural beauty and perfect cleanliness, which is maintained by service personnel. All this is complemented by another feature that plays an important role for Russian-speaking tourists. We are talking about all-season access. The opportunity to sunbathe and swim in the warm sea is one of the main reasons to holiday in the UAE in January, December or other “non-bathing” for Russia and the CIS countries month.

As for the fifth reason, here we are talking about the peculiarities of leisure activities in the UAE from our company. Turning to Emirates Fishing Tour, you discover a number of advantages. This includes affordable prices and service by Russian-speaking staff. We offer a wide range of excursions, arrange transfers and help with room reservations. The company provides yachts and cars for rent. All this is complemented by a “chip” holiday in Dubai from Emirates Fishing Tour, which is the organization of fishing off the coast of the UAE.

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