Emirates connects passengers to ‘digital passports’ service.

Emirates becomes one of the first airlines in the world to use the IATA Travel Pass.

Dubai, UAE. Through a partnership with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Emirates became one of the first airlines in the world to use the IATA Travel Pass, a mobile application that helps passengers easily and safely organize their travel by government requirements for PCR testing or COVID-19 vaccination in any country.

Thanks to the IATA Travel Pass, Emirates passengers will create a “digital passport” that will allow them to verify that their existing PCR test or vaccinations meet their destination requirements. Customers will also share their test and vaccination certificates with authorities and airlines to facilitate travel arrangements. The new application will allow travelers to easily and easily manage all the electronic documents they need during their trip.

Before the full launch, Emirates will conduct the first phase of platform testing in Dubai – through the IATA Travel Pass, the results of PCR tests for COVID-19 will be checked before departure. Initially scheduled for April, Emirates customers traveling from Dubai will be able to share their COVID-19 test results directly with the airline before arriving at the airport. This can be done through the application, which will automatically enter the passenger data into the check-in system.

An integrated traveler requirement register in the IATA Travel Pass app will enable passengers to find accurate travel requirements for all destinations, regardless of the country from which they came. The application will also display the register of testing centers and, in the future, vaccination centers. This makes it easy for passengers to find laboratories and testing centers that meet the country of destination’s testing standards and vaccination requirements.

The platform will also allow authorized laboratories and testing centers to send test results and vaccination certificates to passengers confidentially. A global ledger managed by IATA will ensure a secure flow of information between all parties involved, making travel more convenient.

Emirates is committed to providing customers with the highest level of comfort at every stage of their journey. Over the past few months, Emirates has implemented an integrated biometric corridor and other services, including self-service bag check-in kiosks at Dubai International Airport, to ensure a seamless and convenient airport travel experience.

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