Dubai in Autumn – about the weather and what the conditions of entry for Russians will be

We will tell you about the prices of tours to Dubai in autumn, when it is better to buy a trip, as well as the weather and water temperature in the Persian Gulf.

Dubai is ideal for a holiday in autumn, because it is interesting to spend time with the maximum number of advantages: in Dubai in autumn it is moderately hot, which is ideal for a beach holiday, and at this time of the year you can go on trips to the desert in comfortable weather.

Why come to Dubai in the fall of 2021?

Many tourists plan a trip to Dubai just for the fall, choosing the time of vacation in advance.

When in Turkey and European countries the beach season ends, in the UAE it is just beginning. Although it is correct to say that it almost never ends here, except for the winter months.

The high season in Dubai begins in September and lasts until October, and in November you can still swim in the waters of the Persian Gulf, but the water will gradually cool down by the end of the month. The cost of a trip to Dubai 2021 will depend on the month and the weather.

September in Dubai.

It is advantageous to go to rest in Dubai in early September. At this time it is still hot at the resorts of +39 degrees during the day and +28 at night.

Voyages to Dubai just beginning to get expensive, so you can intelligently choose a date of rest and watch the weather in advance. It is in September at the beginning of the high season tourists have a chance to buy a tour bargain and relax on the beaches of Dubai in too

Hot days and moderate comfortable.

The air in Dubai is dry, so the chance of precipitation in the fall is extremely low.

October in Dubai.

October is the peak of the high season in the UAE. During the day in October in Dubai the temperature stays at the mark of +35 degrees. Russians feel comfortable in this weather. The cost of tickets at this time is justified: the demand for the direction increases, the sea is warm as fresh milk, the weather is comfortable.


In November, tourists who prefer to relax by the sea in not too hot weather will like it. The daytime in November in Dubai is +30 degrees.

At the end of the month in the emirate is gradually getting colder, at the end of the month the thermometer column goes down to +27, but in general the weather holds the summer weather. The decrease in temperature in November is especially felt in the evenings.

  • The temperature is +20 in the evening in Dubai and the chance of precipitation is low. Rainy days are not expected.

Conditions of entry to Dubai

Russians must do a PCR test for coronavirus no later than 72 hours before departure to Dubai.

In the United Arab Emirates, a mask regime is in place, and tourists must comply with it as well.

Rules of the holiday in a religious country: a memo

Tourists are not allowed to go out into the street drunk and drink alcohol only at the hotel.

It is also forbidden in Dubai:

  • Public tenderness.
  • Men talking to Arab women
  • Women walking around in short dresses and revealing outfits
  • Taking pictures of administrative buildings, etc.

All these prohibitions are in place for a reason, if tourists try to violate them, they can pay a fine or go to jail.

The cost of trips to Dubai can change daily, so we advise you to subscribe for the best and most favorable options.

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